Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland
Section of: Otorhinolaryngology / Head & Neck Surgery

The Spring Meeting of the Royal Academy of Medicine (ENT section) took place at the picturesque Mount Falcon Hotel Resort in Ballina, Co. Mayo on Saturday 2nd April 2011. The programme was very ably put together by Michael Colreavy, Secretary, and a large number of papers were presented between 10.30 am and 5.30 pm. Presentations were of a uniformly high standard, and were restricted to seven minutes each with a few minutes left over for discussion.

A wide number of centres were represented, and some of the material delivered was clearly based on fellowship experiences outwith of Ireland - for example, Ms Emma Cashman gave two talks on head and neck cancer, both from her time at the Harvard Medical School. She received one of the two best prizes for her contribution - the other prize was given to Ms Ann O’Connor from the South Infirmary Victoria Hospital, Cork, for a prospective study on recurrent laryngeal nerve neuropraxia.

A number of interesting topics were also discussed. Dr Phoebe Roche had an excellent paper on trans-nasal minimally invasive techniques in the management of skull based tumours (Beaumont Hospital), while Mr Luke McCadden from Belfast spoke on lateral temporal bone resection - he presented a six year case series.

The guest speaker for the event was Professor Karl-Bernd Huttenbrink from the University of Cologne, who engaged vigorously with all the presenters and had much to contribute during the course of the day. His own talk was scheduled for 2 pm, just after lunch. While Professor Huttenbrink is best known for his work on middle-ear implants, his contribution was more a broad-based reflection on current innovations and advances in otorhinololaryngology, including developments in taste and smell, sialendoscopy, and hearing augmentation.

A number of sponsors from various pharmaceutical and medical device firms were in attendance. The evening concluded with a fine meal in the Fuller Suite to the gentle strains of a harp playing in the background. Golf prizes were also given at this time. Professor Huttenbrink closed off the evening’s formalities. He expressed his delight at the quality of the work presented, and was warmly thanked by Mr Michael Colreavy, Secretary and Mr David Charles, President.

Clearly this was one of the best RAMI meetings in recent times and we look forward to more such excellent events in the future.

Legend : from left to right - Mr Michael Colreavy, Secretary, RAMI (ORL), Mr David Charles, President, RAMI (ORL) and Professor Karl-Bernd Huttenbrink, Department of ORL, Cologne, Germany
Photo by: Ollie O'Flanagan, RCSI, Dublin