Abstract Submission

Abstract submissions now open for 62nd Annual Meeting of the Irish Otorhinolaryngology / Head and Neck Society, taking place on the 2nd October 2021.
Deadline midnight 31st August

You will always receive an automated response if your submission is successful via email. Check your spam folder in the event you do not receive an email confirmation. If not, please contact us immediately via info@iosconference.org.

Notes to Applicants

To ensure your abstract is selected for review, please adhere to the following submission guidelines:
  • Submission is via the website only
  • The text should be not more than 250 words.
  • The use of tables or graphs is NOT possible.
  • The abstract must consist of four paragraphs labelled: OBJECTIVE, METHODS, RESULTS, CONCLUSIONS.
  • It should concisely address the problem and the purpose of the study (OBJECTIVE); how the study was performed (METHODS); the main findings with numerical data and statistical significance (RESULTS); and the principal conclusions drawn from the study (CONCLUSIONS)
  • The abstract should contain sufficient data / information to enable assessment of presentation (eg results will be discussed not sufficient!).
  • The title of the abstract should be printed in CAPITAL LETTERS; the name(s) of the author(s) should be preceded by the initials (omit titles). There should be no more than 8 authors.
  • Since the abstracts will be judged anonymously, the text may not reveal the institutional affiliation.

Abstract Submission Form

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Certification Statement
  • I certify that the information contained in this abstract represents original work. If accepted for presentation, I agree to present my work using a virtual platform (i.e. Zoom Meetings, BlueJeans or similar) from a remote location near my home or base hospital
  • If accepted for poster display only, I agree to provide an electronic poster in .ppt format for browsing via web portal

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Notes for papers and posters

Each talk has been allocated eight minutes - six for delivery and two for questions/discussions. A bell will sound at the end of six minutes. There is a best paper prize, and points will be deducted for exceeding your time. Each paper will be allowed a maximum of ten slides.

To ensure smooth running of Zoom meeting, presentations should be suitable for low bandwidth transmission (avoid video) and uploaded in advance using powerpoint .ppt format to Ollie O’Flanagan at ollie0photography@gmail.com. If successful please include your abstract number in the name of the uploaded file

Notes for poster presenters:

Please ensure your poster is uploaded in advance using powerpoint .ppt format for electronic viewing only – no printing is required. We will update the poster requirement section in due course when the viewing portal has been organised.

Please only select the submit button once. The submission process will take some time depending on the size of the file uploaded, your connection speed and your network. If you encounter any error please report this to webmaster@iosconference.org and we will contact you. Thank you and best of luck with your submission